Pipettes & Paintbrushes | Spring 2018



Artist: Amy Hambrecht, Art Department
Mixed media

Amy Hambrecht is a painter working across media, specifically pen, embroidery and paint, and considers a visual language that investigates the inconsistency of time through space. Hambrecht’s paintings and their collage, ghost-like elements interlock in complex visual fields charged with colliding realms of the unknown and the familiar. The artist is in her final semester as an undergraduate studio art major with a painting concentration and a minor in art history.


Partner: Emma Dauster, Neuroscience and Behavior

I study sex differences in neural circuits involved in attention. Especially in this age of personalized medicine, it is imperative that we consider sex differences in drug effects. I am currently using an ADHD model to test the effects of Ritalin on female rats compared to males. I study a small region in the dorsal pons of the brainstem called the locus coeruleus (LC). The LC is a major source of norepinephrine with projections throughout most of the cortex. We know that the LC is larger in females with greater dendritic arborizations than in males, but we don’t know the functional consequences of these differences. I study the effects of chemogenetically upregulating LC activity in female rats compared to male rats upon completion of an operant behavioral paradigm. I plan to assess LC activity and projection differences between male and female rats using electrophysiological techniques in the near future.