Pipettes & Paintbrushes | Spring 2018



Artist: Samantha Gallagher, BFA Architecture
Acrylic on canvas

My name is Sam Gallagher and I’m a sophomore architecture major! I’m originally from New York City, and studied the arts in school while I lived there. The mediums I tend to work with in my art include watercolor, pen and ink, graphite, and clay, and I primarily focus on patterns, abstract designs, and portraiture.

With my architecture foundations in college, I hope to go into sustainable architecture and design. I care immensely about the environment and preservation, and want to help drive the architecture industry towards more green design and resilience. When I’m not in studio, I’m involved in the UMass Green Building Council and the Green Roof Club, and I enjoy hiking, painting, baking, or eating at Frank.

instagram: gallagher.png

Partner: Laura Hancock, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

My research and scientific interests vary across taxa (plants to bats) and ecosystems (deserts to forests). However, both my MS and PhD research are focused on conservation and habitat management. Over the past few years, I have been studying long-term population dynamics of the invasive plant garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) across three growth microhabitats: forest edge, forest understory, and the intermediate zone between the two. This project will help to inform better management and eradication efforts in New England based on where garlic mustard is most abundant and fecund. In May of 2018, I will start collecting data for my PhD project which is going to investigate landscape-level movement patterns and roost connectivity of Townsend’s big-eared bats in Nevada. Ultimately, the results will help us to better understand where bats are going & what resources they need and prevent the spread of diseases such as white-nose syndrome in the western U.S.