Pipettes & Paintbrushes | Spring 2018



Artist: Elsa Cousins, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Textiles, oven baked clay, watercolor

Elsa Cousins is a PhD student in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology program at UMass and an artist interested in portraying nature and the environment. You can find more of her art at www.elsacousinsartist.wordpress.com.

Partner: Evan Kuras, Environmental Conservation

Cities are amazingly diverse places, whether it be diversity in restaurants, building heights, or plant and animal species. I study patterns of biological diversity in cities and how diversity is shaped by economics at the personal and neighborhood level. Money is power - power that allows you to buy a bird feeder or convince your city council to plant more trees on your street. But exactly how this story plays out seems to differ from city to city. My research aims to understand some of the underlying processes through which economics shape biodiversity in cities throughout the world.