Contributor since Fall 2015

Lian Guo

PhD Candidate in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Lian Guo

Research Area: Environmental physiology, effects of stressors

I fell in love with fish the summer before my senior year of high school. I’ve worked with barnacles, seastars, and larval fish, but now I am finally working with FISH fish (see picture above). I am very excited to be working with the McCormick Lab and the Jordaan Lab at UMass Amherst. I am interested in exploring the effects of various stressors (like temperature and chemicals) on fish physiology and ecology. I would like to explore the molecular mechanisms underlying stressor response and how they may interact with one another when multiple stressors are present. I plan to work collaboratively with researchers abroad, especially in China, where waterways have been radically modified by dams and water pollution. I love to do science outreach and am involved in Science Café ( and Graduate Women in STEM’s Outreach Committee. I am founding organizer, writer, editor, and Web & Graphic Design committee member for That’s Life [Science].